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Installation Instructions

Swing Sash

1. Take a 1/2" to 1" off of each side and cut your opening
2. Place the window over the opening
3. Screw in hinges and swivels. Ex: A 24x10 would need a rough opening of 23x9.

Framed Swing Sash

1. Add 1/8 inch to the height and length of the size window you purchased.
Ex: A 24x11 1/2 window would need a rough opening of 24 1/8x11 5/8 for a proper fit.
2. Cut the hole needed.
3. Run a weatherproof caulk or use weather-stripping around the inside flange.
4. Place the window through the opening and secure the outside wall using screws or bolts and nuts.
5. From inside the blind, raise the window up and secure the metal magnet holder on the wall to line up with the magnet on the window.

T-2 Horizontal Slider

1. Add 1/8" to height and length for a proper fit.
Ex: A 24x11 1/2 window would require a rough opening of 24 1/8 x 11 5/8
2. Cut the proper sized hole for the window purchased.
3. Install a weatherproof caulk around the inside flange and place in opening.
4. Secure the window with screws or nuts and bolts in the holes provided.

Deer Blind Doors

1. Add a 1/8 inch to inside frame dimensions of door purchased.
2. Cut your desired hole.

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